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79 Tollgate Road

79 Tollgate Road Salisbury SP1 2JP

Detached house with Solar PV and battery storage, plus thermodynamic water system

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The Story

Steve’s experience is a lesson in what can go wrong, and the pitfalls of the relatively new micro-generation industry. Although his installer was registered with the Micro-Generation Certification Scheme (MCS) and the National Association for Professional Inspectors and Testers (NAPIT), the installations damaged the roof, and did not meet safety standards, building regulations or deliver the promised savings and outcomes. The installer has now gone bankrupt. Steve has spent up to £20,000 on the installation but is pessimistic about the prospects of payback. “I’d like to warn everyone to be very careful when investing in renewable energy,” commented Steve. “For example, check on the company’s past history and whether they have traded before under a different name. Pay by credit card if you can.”

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The Home

Solar PV and battery storage: The solar PV panels are linked to the NEDAP Power Router battery back- up system. This ensures that surplus energy generated can be stored for use as required.

Thermodynamic panels: These provide hot water but the panels are more like an air source heat pump than a solar thermal panel. They are basically a freezer in reverse. Refrigerant enters the panel and as it passes through it absorbs heat from the atmosphere and becomes a gas. The panels are distributed in the UK by Energie UK. They are not currently included in the Micro-generation Certification Scheme (MCS), and so not eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive. MCS is working to develop the required standards and thermodynamic panels may be included in the scheme in the future. You can see more information here.